Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Stars come out for Wigmore - SPRING BIG GAME 2018 SLEBTASTIC NEWS!

Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, and in the all action world of the Hereford VBCW, our 1930s stars of stage and screen don't just hold a charity benefit concert six months after the event : they make a personal appearance at the event itself ! 

The stars of the 1930s

News is now trickling through that both Miss Gracie Fields and Mr George Formby - accompanied by the BBC Light Entertainment Concert Party (commanded by the bespectacled Mr Henry Hall) - have recently "stopped off" at Wigmore Hall to "entertain the troops" in their inimitable style - and declared their intention "to help out" should Mortimer Country ever appear to be in jeopardy.

How will their presence in Mortimer Country affect the balance of power in the Hereford VBCW?

The answer to this question, as is so often the case, can only be determined by participation in the Hereford1938 AVBCW SPRING BIG GAME......

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