Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Note about Photography and Propaganda

Fleet Street's Finest have gathered at Hereford Golf Club to witness the results of the County Charity Challenge, but are notoriously protective of their copyrights....

Post Big Game "News Accounts"/"Outrageous Propaganda" has always been one of the fun bits of the Hereford1938 Campaign. However, two of our most prolific "Big Game" photographers - Storm Leader Giles and Sir Gilbert Hill - have had to give their apologies for the Spring 2017 Game. Consequently, this is just a note to players/intending propagandists not to rely (well, not too much) upon other players' photographs being available in due course - if you'd like the world to know of your Platoon's triumphs (or other Platoons' failures) please bring along your own camera. Don't be worried if you're inexperienced : blurry photographs are better than no photographs at all.

The Bishop of Ludlow's Chicago Police "Citizens Relations" motorised infantry unit breaks Stokkies Joubert's
line in the closing stages of  the Battle of Brimfield, Spring 2016 Big Game, bringing chaos and imminent
 destruction to rear area Royalist artillery and softskin transport. Can't think why this photograph was
 chosen to illustrate the value of post Big Game propaganda. 

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