Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Note about Tuck and Boot Sales - and Last Call for Platoon Rosters

The Hereford 1938 Spring 2017 Big Game draws ever nearer.....but the ongoing Civil War has depleted the Golf Club's supplies...

Previous Big Games have benefited from a buffet lunch organised by JP/Giles during the day, and then a curry at Giles (for those who could attend) in the evening. As Giles is presently moving barracks, the option of curry won't be available this time; and please note neither will the buffet lunch. Tea and coffee will be on tap throughout the day, plus crisps and biscuits aplenty, but if any player wants or needs something more substantial by way of provisions, please BRING YOUR OWN TUCK BOX. In best "British Rail" style (or should that be "GWR"), Hereford1938"TNG" would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused - but trying to organise an outside caterer at Burley Gate on top of everything else has proved beyond our resources.

Notwithstanding the changes to tuck, TNG would certainly like to maintain the tradition of boot sales at the Big Game : if you have any excess VBCW or interwar stuff that you'd like to sell on cheaply, please bring it along : we'll leave aside a special table for your excess wares to be recycled, in return for a bit of cash, into other players' armies.

Finally, Sir Alan McGuffin would like to thank all those who responded to the second call (see previous post) for Platoon Rosters. For those who still haven't sent in their Platoon Roster, please note that the weather at Hereford Golf Club is notoriously localised and changeable, and that thunder, lightning, hailstorms and very heavy rain can slow individual Platoon movement throughout the day and dramatically interfere with firing effectiveness at critical times.....this is now the LAST CALL for Platoon Rosters.

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