Thursday, 6 April 2017


Twelve experienced AVBCW commanders (well, more or less), and but a single opering strategy - concentrated area bombardment of the hapless Central Tee Defenders and then a simultaneous sprint towards the nearest green and it's fluttering red flag -

Inspector Knacker of the Herefordshire Police Watch Committee consults his 
Sergeant on the absence of cover around the Lower Course Central Tee......
....but it is already too late. The sky darkens above his brave police section...
...with predictably explosive consequences!
On the Upper Course, Ben Hogan's Friends of Herefordshire Golf
mill around their Central Tee in sudden fear...
as the sky darkens suddenly above them....
...and they suffer exactly the same fate.
Who were these deadly assassins, so careless of the gentlemanly code of Golf and so accurate with their 18 pounder fire? Who were these brave types who ganged up upon the innocent Central Defenders, pitching heavy artillery against small arms - and with such immediate and devestating effect? [to be continued]

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