Thursday, 6 April 2017


There were Royalist/Fascists in the woods on the Upper Course...
A BUF Contingent of Major Straitt Jackett's Royalist/Fascist Alarm Company (Alan)

and proper (unallied, unalloyed and unapologetic) Fascists advancing across the rough of the Lower Course:
BUF Blackshorts are, as usual, urged on by Eustace Spode (JP)

.and foreign Fascist/Royalists setting off towards the Central Tee of the Upper Course, accompanied by stirring, but rather confused, war cries of "Alfonso XIII and Edward VIII....oh, and not forgetting the Caudillo, of course. Yes, him aswell. And certainly not forgetting His Holiness. Goodness me, no. Never that.. Anyway - Onward! Hurrah! Arriba! Espana!, Inglaterra!"  
J's Anglo-Spanish Nationalist Monarchist Catholic Contingent advance carefully from their tee. Such caution
may have been a clever strategy to avoid early casualties, or merely a product of a certain political confusion.

Confusion was as foreign as any Spaniard to that redoubtable Anglican cleric, the Bishop of Lichfield, His forces advanced from a southern corner of the Upper Course in the God-given certainty that this very day he would be blessed with the County Cup. "God, Country and the Archbishop of Canterbury! And remember the Armada!"
The Bishop of Lichfield's Anglican Field Force get under way (Tim)
While on the green fields of the Lower Course, his fellow Anglican, The Blessed Lady Rita Talbot-Ponsonby, immaculately coutoured as ever by Worth in a long greatcoat ("dove grey, darling") and campaign cap ("so fetching!"), knew that there could be only one winner of this all-play-all tournament: 
The immaculately clad Lady Rita Talbot Ponsonby brandishes her pistol with customary fervour (Rita)
but there were more, and even more irregular forces in play.... [to be continued]

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