Sunday, 27 August 2017


Some very irregular forces, and a few very hastily put together. In the far north of the "Upper Course" lurked "Recently Defrocked Referee Roo" (RDR-2) with whatever motley forces he could scramble together from his reserve boxes - and loans from friends - on 15 minutes notice (a scheduled player had failed to turn up without warning). For reasons that will become apparent - read on, read on - RDR-2's unititled scratch assembly rapidly became known as "The Lew Wallace Memorial Assault Group".

Flanking RDR-2 were, to his left and centre, a formidable new entry from the North Hereford Parishioner's Militia, under the command of Captain Percy Fitzneatly (Craig), otherwise and shortly to become known as "The Lichemaster" (read on, read on); and to his right flank the highly experienced Captain Shang (Steve A) and his "Chinese Christian Column".

The North Herefordshire Parishioners Militia. The Burghill & Tillington Cricket Club flank the HQ Section
Captain Shang's well prepared Chinese Christians. Dice cup - check. Tape Measure - check. Rulebook - check.
One of the day's Special Objectives - an Ammunition Dump - can be seen in the foreground.
While in the deep south of the Lower Course, an equally hastily assembled scratch force under Monsewer Crapaud (Nick) faced off against Spode's Blackshorts opposite, and flanked by yet another scratch LDV commanded by Carl:

"Crapaud Force", sadly depleted by a hasty error on the part of Umpire Clive in the course of "the morning rush".
"Not-those-Carlists another-kind-of-Carlists-altogether-chap" LDV. Carl's formidable Armoured Cars would
spend most of their time wheel spinning as the soft ground of the Golf Course exposed their off road limitations.

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