Sunday, 27 August 2017


Completing the crew of "mostly LDVs" - in contrast to previous "Big Games", dominated by the ideological factions of Royalists, Anglicans, Mosleyites, Albertines, Socialists, etc - were two native sons of Herefordshire on their "first outings" : "THE Rural LDV" (Stephen) and "The Rorke's Drift Re-Enactment Society (on Field Exercises)" LDV (Neil), both in the north of the Lower Course:

The Rorke's Drift Re-Enactment Society (on Field Exercises) set off from Tee 3. The redcoats seem to be
at the rear as the Force's scouts recce a very strange obstacle to their front....
THE Rural LDV advance confidently, ready to take on all comers (and they will).
Scattered about the Golf Course itself are a wide variety of "Special Objectives", each (once captured) giving possession of a new invention by the AVBCW-TNG crew - "the Luxurious Sealed Envelope" (thank you, J.) - and the opportunity of significant reward (or significant disaster). Who will be the first to bold enough (or foolhardy enough) to take on a "Special Objective" and discover the secrets therein?

One of the less imaginative "Special Objectives" - A Minefield. Or is it?

Step forward - Eustace Spode!!

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