Monday, 28 August 2017


As RDR-2 and the wily J set up their forces on the 18th Fairway, news filtered through from the Lower Course - the will of the Herefordshire Watch Committee had finally been broken, and the defending tank destroyed....

The sadly depleted forces of the Lew Wallace Memorial Assault Group assemble on the 18th Fairway.
Their brave commander can be seen mounted on his chariot-style artillery limber. 
J's Politically Confused Spaniards assemble in the other corner. Will his mounted troops give him an advantage?
There was not a moment to lose! After the briefest exchange of fire to confirm that their "Golf Buddy" alliance was well and truly over, RDR-2 and J raced off up the Fairway towards the Clubhouse, the waiting Committee, some chilled Behemoths of champagne, and the Cup!
A good impression of the Clubhouse and the waiting Committee, Cup and Champagne.
The wide, green acreage of the 18th Fairway is clearly visible.
It soon became apparent, however, that the Committee had arranged both chilled champagne and a hot reception for our contenders, forming up the Club staff behind a field gun, a machine gun, and as the remarkably well mannered servants of two mortars. The Chairman of the Club, Sir Alan McGuffin, had let it be known that the Cup was only to be wrested from his cold, dead hands....while behind J and RDR-2, the victors from the Lower Course, Nick and his "Crapaud Force" and Carl and his "Not those Carlists" LDV entered the assembly areas of the 18th Fairway....

Who would triumph?

Fighting slowly petered out on the Upper and Lower Courses as the players gathered round the 18th Fairway. Later qualifiers - Lady Rita, the lumbering Lichemaster of the Upper Course (Craig), and (remarkably) the heavily battered Bishop of Lichfield (Tim) - gracefully accepted that their role was now likely to be academic, as they were already behind the earlier four top table qualifiers. It appears that a late change of "Golf Buddy" cards on the Upper Course, together with the physical exhaustion and/or sudden onset of claustrophobia by Captain Straitt-Jackett, had allowed the good Bishop to qualify.

But which of our four early qualifiers would claim the Cup?

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