Monday, 28 August 2017


And so it came to pass that Recently Defrocked Referee Roo (RDR-2) was acclaimed the winner of the Spring Big Game 2017, and the holder of the Hereford Golf Cup!
A visibly overcome Roo receives his 1/1 scale Cup and Winners Medal. Behind him may be the estimate of the number of casualties his forces suffered during the "Big Game". Only the confines of the Village Hall prevented a full scale "lap of honour" and only the complete lack of knowledge of the remaining Umpire of matters football prevented comparisons to Lionel Messi.
But wait!

A late Appeal !

It turns out that, such was the desperation of RDR-2 in the scramble to put together a force in 10 minues before the "Off" in the morning, his 28mm commander had "borrowed" a small section from none other than Monsieur Crapaud (Nick) of Crapaud Force - a section of "blackened miners" lead by one "Cuddy Davison".

And who had relieved Sir Alan McGuffin of the 1/60 scale Cup at the point of a bayonet? None other than "Cuddy Davison" himself.

Brows were furrowed, heads scratched. Counsel's Opinion was taken. The Appeal was successful.

The leader of RDR-2's "Mercenary Miner" section, Mr Cuddy Davison, was duly given the right to carry the 1/60 scale cup back to Crapaud Force in triumph, and have a tiny medal sewn (well, painted) onto his jacket. The scale Cup will accompany Nick's miners section on the next occasion of battle, and give them a well deserved +1 morale bonus (until the Cup is captured by someone else, of course..)

Which leaves only the Sir Alan McGuffin, sorrowing over his lost Cup and his destroyed Golf Course:

The Hereford Golf Course : Before the "April Fools Day Massacre"

The Hereford Golf Course : After "The April Fools Day Massacre"
[with many thanks to Alan & Rita and others for their photographs of the day, which were used throughout this account)

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