Monday, 28 August 2017


Somewhere within the confines of the (undestroyed) Clubhouse of the Hereford Golf Club - probably in the upstairs loo - is displayed a wooden board, lettered in gilt, declaring the results of the 1938 Golf Challenge:

The Winner (and Holder of the 1/1 Scale Cup)
Roo’s Scratch Terretorials (Quasi - Royalist/Mercenary)

The Successful Robber from Sir Alan McGuffin (and Holder of the 1/60 Scale Cup)
Mr Cuddy Davison (Mercenary Miner)

The Runners-Up (who made it onto the 18th Fairway)
Jay’s Spanish Catholic Nationalist Monarchists (Royalist/BUF/Politically Confused)
Tim’s Bishop of Lichfield’s Field Force (Anglican)
Craig’s North Herefordshire Parishioners Militia (Anglican)
Carl’s “Not those Carlists” Local Defence Volunteers (LDV)
Rita’s Herefordshire Field Force (Anglican)
Monsewer Crapaud’s (Nick’s) Lichfield Local Defence Volunteers (LDV)
The Gallant Field (and in no particular order)
Steve’s Chinese Converts Column (LDV)
Alan’s Fascist Alarm Company (BUF)
JP’s Blackshorts (BUF)
Neil’s Rorke’s Drift Re-Enactment Society on Field Exercises (LDV)
Stephen’s “THE Rural LDV” (LDV)

What will the future hold for "Cuddy Davison" and his section of blackened miners? Indeed, for all the forces of "supporters and well-wishers" who turned out for the Spring "Big Game"? How will Sir Alan McGuffin extract his revenge for his destroyed Golf Course? These and other burning questions can only be answered by participation in the AUTUMN BIG GAME....

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