Sunday, 27 August 2017


Not just speed, however, but speed allied with firepower.

After the near extinction, by massed artillery fire, of both the Ben Hogan Friends of Herefordshire Golf (on the Upper Course) and the Herefordshire Watch Committee (on the Lower Course), the defenders of the "central objective" on each table were seriously undermanned.

The situation on the Upper Course has already been described. On the Lower Course, due to the three way (and still continuing) melee, the non-participants had been making slow but steady progress towards the centre of the table : a newly cautious Spode, the wheel-spinning Commander Carl of the "Not those Carlists" LDV, and the seriously undermanned Monsewer Crapaud. On both courses, any assault on the "central objective" would be practically bound to succeed.

Before the lunch adjournment, Umpire Clive had ordered a change of "Golf Buddy" cards. Perhaps a re-shaping of alliances could save the "central objective"? To no avail. The fall of the cards resulted in little change, and just as much danger to the "central objectives" as ever.

Over lunch, RDR-2 hastily re-frocked himself, and the Umpires now fell into discussion. A solution was found. Upon resumption of play in the afternoon, the players on both courses stared aghast at the HUGE TANK that now defended each "central objective"....(apart from the Bishop and the Captain, of course, whose heavily blackened eyes made sight difficult, and who soon fell again into their mutually enjoyable and entirely private bunfight, taking turns to bludgeon each other -See Rule 2A(iii) of the "Close Quarter Assault" April Supplement to the Rules).

The Lower Course after lunch. The two remaining members of the Herefordshire Watch Committee have received
substantial re-inforcements. The Hero's Grave Special Objective remains as yet unclaimed. The tank defending the
Central Objective on the Upper Course was even larger.
On the Lower Course, the tank proved a serious obstacle. Vast amounts of firepower poured over the behemoth and its two sheltering policemen (who were nerveless, and apparently indestructible) to no effect. The three non-meleeing parties were seriously held up, particularly the teeth-grinding Commander Carl : would no-body free him from this turbulent tank?

On the Upper Course, the tank seemed to interfere seriously with the previously steady advance of Captain Chang's Chinese Christian Mililtia. J's "politically confused" Spanish Force seemed more sanguine, however, having some means of taking on the Behemoth, while the newly defrocked (again) RDR-2 decided that the time had come for desperate measures. He mounted his 28mm commander figure in unorthdox seat on a spare artillery limber, whipped up the horses, and heedless of danger and in imitation of Charlton Heston's famous Ben-Hur, set off at a frantic gallop towards the "Central Objective"!

Fortune favoured the immensely brave.

A planned change of "Golf Buddy" cards swapped RDR-2 into alliance with J's Spaniards. A lucky short destroyed the Behemoth.....

The burning tank at the centre of the Upper Course. Ben Hogan's Friends of Herefordshire Golf have been wiped out.
To the right lies burning one of Captain Shang's amoured vehicles : it was not his lucky day. Just in sight at the foot are the Spanish Horse, just out of sight (but, boy, can he race!) is the Commander of the Lew Wallace Group.
and the Central Objective of the Upper Course fell into the hands of the swift moving 28mm Commander of the Lew Wallace Memorial Assault Group and the mounted troops of his new (and very temporary) ally, J's Spanish!

The first "team" to be translated to the hitherto untouched 18th Fairway (the Central Table) and to hazard an assault against Sir Alan McGuffin's defending Club Committee! But who will take the Cup (there can only be one!) and will not the Lower Course contribute some competitors ?

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