Wednesday, 1 November 2017


A second (and last) pre Big Game News Bulletin for all those coming along to the Burley Gate Village Hall this Saturday, 4th November (10am - 5pm) !!


For anyone geographically challenged, Burley Gate is located just northeast of the junction between the A465 and the A417. A photograph of the Hall and a helpful map can be found here.

For anyone chronologically challenged, 10am really does mean ten am this time round! The Glorious (or Not) Commanders will be waiting to pounce on you in order to persuade you to their side for the day : latecomers may find the "LDV price" has gone down as the minutes have ticked by...real latecomers won't have the luxury of negotiating their own fees, but will be subject to the Umpires' "Cheap Auction" rules! You have been warned!

Food : in keeping with the spartan "AVBCW - TNG" approach of Spring 2017, please bring your own vittels! We will provide coffee and biscuits (which may be enough for some!) but lunch is beyond our catering capacity...

Charges: £10 per player as usual, payable on the day. Remember to bring along some spare cash if you want to browse the "Bring & Buy" table (mind you, nobody has actually indicated that they have any spare VBCW stuff to bring along, but there is always the possibility of a surprise).

Photography : Yes, please. Bring a camera to record the glorious success of your force on the Field of Battle!

Gaming Etiquette Note : There is no need to put your Action Cards on top of your Sections/tanks/armoured cars/that wood over there/on the table at all at any time (apart from maybe in front of where you are standing/sitting as per poker). Now that everyone has a bit of "campaign cash" (we hope), Umpires' Fines will be in operation! (explanation - it quite ruins "the look of the thing" and more importantly completely buggers up the photographs for use on this Blog).


All - even the laggardly - LDVs have now filed their Platoon Rosters, so (in addition to the early birds in the last post) we will be welcoming (in no particular order) Cousin Verity's Urban LDV (Gavin) of streetfighters and scurrilous types, Councillor Cox's very scary Brichester LDV (James) (for Herefordians who wonder which side of the Wye the unusually named Brichester might be located, the background details are here), formed of sections drawn from the Severnford Boilerplate Workers, the Camside Allotmenteers, the Goatswood Fairground workers, together with new campaign character (and very brilliant or very mad scientist), Doctor Campbell and his latest invention (it's alive! it's alive, I tell you!) plus the return of the Rorke's Drift Re-Enactment Society (on Field Maneouvres) LDV (Neil), complete with that new campaign character, alleged arsonist and proven dodgy insurance saleman, Mr. Ivor Petrolcan, Bringing up the rear (on this occasion only) is the (temporarily former) Stokkies Joubert (Roo) in unaccustomed LDV role....

The Glorious (or Not) Commanders have, of course, been preparing. The Government Forces have recorded some early strategic success, calming the LDVs along the route of Captain-General Jermingham's Front (unfortunately, neither Mort nor Doug could make the date, and we suffered a recent withdrawal of the notorious "Taunton Three" due to health issues - our best wishes to J - so we will be playing on two rather than three tables - respectively the Attempted Breakout from Kington [Table 1] and the Bishop's A49 Thrust, from Brimfield to Berrington [Table 2]) prompting the (Very Broad) Socialist Alliance to zoom into action with a the announcement of another wonder weapon (if it arrives on time). No details have been released of this piece of Soviet sourced (no doubt) hi-tech, but Comrade-Commissar Winters promises all LDVs that "the sky's the limit, comrades!" Not to be outdone (and having already promised new Anglican technology), the Bishop of Ludlow has been boasting of the bulging reserves of the Ludlow Co-Operative and Christian Thrift Society (Chairman : Sir Richard "Rock Steady" Provident-Investment), backed by tithes of the County's faithful, and the stellar performance of newly-minted Ludlow Groats against the Great British Pound (and other similarly valuable 1938 currencies, such as the Peruvian peso) on the off-off-markets in the City of London...details of the names and currencies of the BUF Bank and the Socialist Bank are noted not yet even to be "in circulation"!

Negotiating Etiquette Note : No deal is final until the parties have shaken hands upon their agreement in a truly Very British way. Until that time, both LDVs and Glorious (or Not) Commanders are not bound.

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