Wednesday, 28 March 2018


New Tank Rules from TooFatLardies
A slight intermission between Spring BIG GAME 2018 blog posts. TooFatLardies have announced a new set of rules for tank combat, which can be used with 28mm tanks on our size of tables. Now, everyone loves tanks (or we should say, most people love tanks and some love them more than most) and Roo and Clive are considering using this set as a "pick up game" for early arrivals/late attenders on BIG GAME days, or perhaps more plausibly as one of the short games in a "VBCW Pulpathon" for Summer Manoeuvres (2019). 

There is an Advance Order page HERE, on the TwoFatLardies website. The offer, which appears to give you a substantial discount off the intended market price, seems to be open until April 8th, the date preceding full publication. Lardies rules are usually well-designed and fun while maintaining realism, so it could be an excellent Easter investment for the tank-minded.

PS. The Hereford 1938 Campaign obviously has no commercial (or other) connection with the TooFatLardies, nor any other commercial connection with any business enterprise trading post 1938. No warnings as to investments going up or down are necessary, as the Advertising Standards Agency has yet to be invented. For the same reason, it is not necessary to undertake a risk assessment, still less provide a "safe space" for the purpose of reading these rules in the event of purchase (no warranties given, proceed at your own risk as usual, trespassers are usually shot. At very best.)

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