Monday, 26 March 2018


Following the broadcasts of Radio Moscow, Storm Commander Giles has taken to the VBCW airwaves with an equally beautifully illustrated rebuttal. Still suffering from his wounds received at the Battle of Berrington Approaches, the Storm Commander nevertheless found the strength to produce not one, but three Government bulletins: HEREHERE and HERE. A special PREVIEW BULLETIN set out the composition of the Storm Commander's WYRD Force as deployed at the Battle of Wigmore Hall.

With the continuing absence of both the notorious Captain Arrowsmith (about whom, it may confidently be predicted, the rumours will certainly become wilder and more outlandish) and the absence of that devil may care King's Colonial, Stokkies Joubert (who has announced that he has recently been "laid up in bed" - but not, we think, with the flu) and with the prospect of his trusty No.2, Captain Straitt-Jackett, being reduced at very best, (subject to the continuing "surgical work" of Dr Jekyll and Professor Frank Enstein at the Special Hospital for Investigating Trauma, Woolwich) to a roughly stitched together and re-animated corpse, the hard fighting Storm Commander may need all his strength in the future.....particularly as he must shortly be a key witness in the course of HM Government's investigation of his fellow commander at Berrington, Councillor Cracknutt.......

A BUF Press Spokesman responds to questions
about Councillor Cracknutt - and about Major Straitt-Jackett's
 "present state of health".

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