Sunday, 18 March 2018


The Spring Big Game 2018 is now over. The resulting Propaganda Battle is about to begin. Major Straitt-Jackett's Intelligence Officer has already sent in a review of this morning's newspapers:

Morning Star -  ‘Another Top Fascist Eliminated by Our Gallant Workers!’

Daily Herald – ‘Royalist Attack Foiled!’

Manchester Guardian -  ‘Workers Foil Government/Anglican partition of Mortimer Country – Top Royalist General Killed.’

Church Times – ‘Christian Soldiers Repel Atheists in North Herefordshire.’

Daily Express – ‘Socialists and Anglicans repelled in Herefordshire – Maj.Straitt-Jackett Believed Killed!’

Daily Mail – ‘Government Forces save Mortimer Country!’

Daily Telegraph – ‘Communist Advance in North Herefordshire Halted.’

The Times – ‘Government Troops Save Wigmore Hall.’

Farming Weekly – ‘Fat Ted and Offspring Saved!!’

while the truly privileged may now eavesdrop on a lengthy conversation between the Bishop of Ludlow and his Chief Intelligence Officer, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart of the EIS [note 1].

True to form, we await the inevitable fully illustrated accounts of the stupendous SPRING BIG GAME 2018 and the resultant boasting of victory (no doubt from all sides).....


(1). The Bishop's conversation incorporates full reference to Sir Barrington Patchpole KC's private diary (with thanks to JP) and a transcript of a recent Government broadcast (with thanks to Alan, and for the headlines above).

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