Thursday, 22 March 2018

SPRING BIG GAME 2018 - Superintendant Ronald Bigsworth - Hill and the WPFC

It is newly disclosed, by way of a widely-circulated press release from Sir Albert Brock KCB, Chief Constable of the Wiltshire Constabulary, that a Wiltshire Police Flying Column ("WPFC"), as lead in person by Superintendant Ronald Bigsworth-Hill, provided substantial assistance to Sir Barrington Patchpole KC in his recent defence of Mortimer Country. 

Judging that here might be a new star in the firmament of the VBCW, Fleet Street has had its collective eye on Ronald Bigsworth-Hill for some time. Ronalds's early involvement in the VBCW at the Battles of Camrose and Robbleston Hall have already been written up here; his subsequent adventures and switch from BUF Storm Leader to Police Superintendant are detailed here.

Although not disclosed within Sir Albert Brock's Press Release, it may be that Ronald has received advice and assistance from his relatives - his uncle Sir Gilbert Hill, well known to all within Herefordshire, and his first cousin once removed, Sir Rufus Pitt - Bulstrode, an independent landowner of considerable influence. Those who "take the better class of newspapers" will already be familiar with the battles of Sir Rufus' estate workers against both clowns and chimpanzees within the County boundaries of Borsetshire: it is understood to be Sir Rufus' private view that his young relative Ronald was "up against much the same type of opposition, don't y'know" in his recent adventures in Mortimer Country.

But where is Ronald now? Following Mortimer Country's switch of allegiance to Storm Commander Giles' BUF, will Ronald's past as a former BUF Storm Leader (deserted) now catch up with him? Fleet Street is already full of deeply unflattering profiles of Sir Barrington Patchpole KC. It is widely rumoured that Sir Barrington, knowingly or unknowingly, "sold Ronald down the river" when allying Mortimer Country with the forces of HM Government. Will the BUF seek to take revenge on Ronald and the WPFC for "explosively despatching" one of their most senior and effective leaders, none other than Major Straitt-Jackett himself? Will the Wiltshire Police Flying Column have to "fight its way out" of the very place they originally volunteered to defend? Or will Sir Gilbert have to come to the aid of his nephew? [1]


[1]. In the time-honoured tradition, it need only be said that these, as with so many other questions, can only be resolved by participation in the AUTUMN BIG GAME 2018, now fixed for Saturday 13th October at the Burley Gate Village Hall!

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